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My name is Yumika Hana.

This is a small business run by me.

I am a visual artist that specializes in Manga and Anime Art. I wish to spread awareness and appreciation of this beautiful art form through this business. It is also a way for me to present this art form in a way that it can be appreciated by a more general audience. Hopefully, I am able to accomplish that by your potential purchase!

This store is also a way to fund my career as a budding Manga Artist and Novelist. Therefore, I am sincerely grateful for your support!

Frames & Printing

All Frames are hand selected by me to ensure the best quality possible. So you do not have to worry about defects, as I do the worrying for you! The color schemes are also chosen in a way that it would bring the best out of the Art that I create for you!

The printing is professionally done and is of a very high quality. Lustre finishing is used so that the prints have a matte feel to it with a tiny hint of gloss for a clean look.

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